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Stunning stuffed sandy coast of coconut palms

Pipa Beach

  • Praia-da-Pipa

Pipa Beach is a famous beach in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, being 85 km from Natal, the state capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.It is the main resort of the Southern coast of the state, which includes beaches like Ponta do Madeiro, Dolphin Bay, Love Beach and Mines.

Initially it was a quiet fishing village, very calm, quiet, to be frequented by surfers and soon tourists from all over the planet.It is famous for having one of the busiest nights of the state, has a large number of hotels, inns, hostels, restaurants, bars, clubs and is always full, either in high or low season.

Pipa is still a place that attracts many surfers because of its waves, and recently has been also sought by kite surfers, thanks to the combination of beautiful waves and strong winds.

The name "pipa" is due to the fact that the Portuguese passing ship by nearby saw a stone that reminded one of a kite shape. Pipa in Portugal, is the most common name for barrel of wine or oil, so that the stone reminded.

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Pipa Beach in all its extension, is defined as an area of ​​preservation of sea turtles under Resolution n.º10 of 24/10/1996, the National Environmental Council.

It is clarified that the name Pipa Beach is best known by the locals and the state's population, while Pipa name is better known by tourists.

Pipa and Tibau do Sul

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Tibau do Sul and Pipa, are linked by a 8 km road with magnificent views of semi-virgin beaches, which offer a range of activities such as kite surfing, buggy rides, fishing and where you can find bars and restaurants with cuisine mouth - watering.